Joseph a. Adesunloye’s new film 46 tells the story of friendship, excess and untamed desires

Joseph a. Adesunloye’s new film 46 tells a story of friendship, excess and untamed desires. Shortlisted for Best UK Short Film at Raindance Film Festival 2017 – the most recognised independent film festival in the UK – 46 follows the fate of young guys Adam (played by Adam Strawford) and Luke (Guetan Calvin-Elito) who decide to host a house party. What is meant to be a night of carefree merrymaking soon turns macabre for both of them. The challenging narrative relies more on body language, mood and music than the spoken word, the troubling action doing all the talking.

“I was in a hotel room when the opening images of 46 flashed in my head and I noted them down on the envelope of my key card and that led to 46,” says Adesunloye. “I wanted to look at the darker side of what happens when one person’s infatuation for another is not recognised or acknowledged and how far that could go. Ultimately, this is a film about friendship and the desire for a closer bond from Luke to Adam, which manifests itself in a very unorthodox way.”

46 follows the success of Adesunloye’s debut feature film, White Colour Black, which starred Dudley O’Shaughnessy and debuted at last year’s BFI London Film Festival (read Nataal’s interview with the director about the project here.) The Lagos-born, London-based director studied his craft in the UK and started out in 2008 by establishing Screening Africa, a non-profit encouraging the diversity of African filmmaking, as well as his own company, DreamCoat Productions. He’s since worked as a writer, director and producer on a number of well-received shorts including Beyond Plain Sight. Expect more from this emerging talent soon, including his next movie, Faces.

46 is screening at VUE Leicester Square, London, on Sunday 1 October at 4pm

Published on 26/09/2017