Exclusive: the Nigerian musician wears Turfah AW19 and discusses his star style


Adekunle Gold has collaborated with Lagos fashion label Turfah for this exclusive shoot by Nataal favourite Lakin Ogunbanwo. The Nigerian musician is becoming renowned for his authentic afropop sounds and native style. Having first hit the airwaves with ‘Sade’ in 2014, he’s kept up the pressure with hits including ‘Only Girl’, ‘Pick Up’ and ‘Before You Wake Up’ plus the albums Gold and About 30. Now fans can enjoy his new single, the sultry cut ‘Kelegbe Megbe’ (with spellbinding Clarence Peters-directed video to match) and look forward to more sonic goodness on the upcoming EP, Side A. As for Adekunle, as he goes on the road this summer, his sights are set firmly set on a global takeover.

How would you describe your style?
Style for me is personal. I like to find one-of-a-kind pieces that aren’t mass-produced. The closer I am to the designer the happier I am wearing their pieces.

What appealed to you about Turfah’s AW19 collection?
Turfah reminds me of the Berber North African style - it’s grand, elegant and distinguished. This particular collection channels pop royalty because it’s very colourful yet luxurious.

Lakin Ogunbanwo is one Nigeria's most renowned contemporary photographers. What do his images say about your culture?
Lakin is a genius. He captures moments that can’t be duplicated by anyone else. I’ve always wanted to be photographed by him and with this collaboration I am not disappointed.

How do you feel about the Lagos creative scene right now?
I’m excited by the freedom of expression and the acceptance of it. Kenneth Ize is exciting. I love how everything he does is meticulously handmade. I also love Daniel Obasi, his interpretation of fashion is beguiling. But my ultimate favourite is Orange Culture; I could wear anything that Adebayo makes anywhere, any way, any day, any time.

What do you have planned for your performance at Afro Nation festival this August?
I’m super excited to have my whole band with me. I plan to come back from that performance with believers and staunch AG followers.

What makes the Adekunle Gold live experience special?
I perform live – it’s not a track performance. This gives me the flexibility to deliver a bespoke show. No matter how much we rehearse, there’s always someone in the audience who needs to hear their favourite line one more time, or someone who will make a great addition to the dancers on stage. Anything is possible.

What else can expect from you this summer?
New music, new AG.

What has been your proudest moment to date?
Putting together a three-day residency at Terra Kulture in Lagos in just 20 days and selling out all of the days.

Where do you want to be a year from now?
On a Grammy stage. Also shooting a blockbuster movie. Or relaxing with my loved ones on a private island. All of the above will be amazing.

Afro Nation runs from 1 to 4 August on Praia da Rocha, near Portimao, Portugal

‘Kelegbe Megbe’ is out now


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Fashion Turfah AW19
Words Helen Jennings
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Published on 23/06/2019