An infinite, funk-fuelled universe awaits us as the Atlanta musician releases two tracks from his new album Awaken, My Love!


Never one for normal, Childish Gambino marks the release of his third album Awaken, My Love! with the back-to-back release of two psychedelic tracks Redbone and Me And Your Mama. The first is a dark slow jam full of bluesy synths and dramatic chords over which Gambino’s high pitched wailing is a plea to his addictive beloved aka ‘My peanut butter chocolate cake with Kool-Aid’. Meanwhile Me And Your Mama begins with choral vocals repeatedly trilling ‘I’m in love when we’re smoking’ with twisted organs and twinkly pianos lulling us into a haze before the rocky, tripped out anthem goes full throttle. Finally the track flips back again into a sweet hinterland filled with shimmering tambourines and squidgy bass that fades to a gentle rainbow. 

Listen to Redbone here.
Listen to Me And Your Mama here.

Out on 2 December, Awake, My Love! follows 2014’s mixtape STN MTN and EP Kauai and 2013’s Grammy-nominated sophomore release Because The Internet, and is a departure from both. Instead of introspective rapping, Gambino dives into a gritty yet lucid and spiritual song-writing journey through Sun-Ra, Bootsy Collins, Funkadelic and OutKast. The album cover artwork further confirms the Afrofuturist, slightly scary sonic revelries to come. It pictures a female face fringed in a masquerade-like woven halo in the midst of eyeball-rolling raptures. Initially debuted at his Pharos festival in the Californian desert in September, he describes the album’s sound as “a gathering of the five intuitives of the human experience: tribe, ritual, experience abstraction, architecture, language.”

Real name Donald Glover, this ridiculously talented artist – also a DJ, actor, writer and comedian - currently stars in and is the creator of FX, his hit TV comedy drama about the Atlanta rap scene and the daily realities of being black in America. In addition he’s been cast in two forthcoming blockbusters - Lucas Film’s Han Solo Star Wars spin off and Marvel’s Spiderman: Awakening film. As he commands us all on Redbone, now is the time to ‘stay woke’.

Awaken, My Love! is out 2 December on Glassnote Records


Words Helen Jennings