Hillary Taymour dedicated her
NYFW SS17 presentation to
the Black Lives Matter movement

Against a dreamy, iridescent landscape of swirling pinks, blues and purples, a line-up of models wearing equally luminescent, rainbow-y make-up stood to attention. Their wardrobe of loosely ruffled denim tops, louche silky tracksuits, flame-painted cropped trousers, cute dungarees and raw-edged slip dresses in shades of white, forest green, peach, mint and beige made for a delightfully want-able SS17 collection. But what also made the Collina Strada presentation one of the notable moments of NYFW was the statement designer Hillary Taymour was making about the Black Lives Matter movement. Look at the otherworldly scene again and you noticed that the casting was exclusive to men and women of colour including recent Nataal models Aly Ndiaye and Sosheba Griffiths.


"It is our duty to acknowledge this particularly at a time when African Americans are taking to the streets to remind us that their lives matter - a function of our memories that really should never have failed to begin with," Taymour’s show notes read. "We need to amplify those voices and use our collective influence to push change.”


This isn’t the first social statement the designer has made. Last season she challenged gender norms with an androgynous collection worn in fluid ways – something many young NYFW brands are embracing through their work right now. Having begun the ethical label in southern California in 2008 with a range of bags, she moved to the east coast a year later, expanded into apparel and debuted at NYFW for SS15. SS17 earned her a place among US Vogue’s Five Fresh NYFW collections as she continues to push for diversity in the fashion realm.

Words Helen Jennings
Photography Davey James Clarke

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