Can you be immortal? Anthony Bila and Thabang 'Bangy' Rabothata go back to the future to find out


Photographer Anthony Bila and fashion designer Thabang 'Bangy' Rabothata collaborate on this exclusive shoot, which riffs on the transience of human existence and the potential longevity of the ideas we leave behind. “Just as we have taken from our forbearers, and reimagined their ideologies, the philosophies we create while on this Earth can go on to inspire future generations. In that cycle, we can be immortal and the cycle continues,” Bila explains.

Rabothata’s AW18 collection, Dead: Live Forever Vol. iii, takes its cues from 1980s and 90s streetwear classics to form boisterous biker jackets and jeans in hyper bright leathers. These long-lasting second skins are of the then, now and next. Likewise Bila harks back to this era’s VHS video technology to shoot the collection in glitch-loving analogue, the saturated results perfect in their fragile imperfection. “Our philosophy with the collection was to create garments that would stand the test of time and give the wearer the feeling that in these clothes, they could live forever,” Billa adds.

Photography and creative direction Anthony Billa
Fashion and creative direction Thabang 'Bangy' Rabothata.
Models Freddy Edicom and Vultharhi Nkwinika.

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Published on 20/05/2018