Gold Coast Trading Company’s latest collection Lost by Fear and Security warns of our dystopian future


Gold Coast Trading Company’s latest collection, Lost by Fear and Security, is a comment on our times. “It’s a blunt short dystopian presentation stewed in the septic rhetoric of our current social system and the long reaching ramifications of its normalisation,” says founder Emeka Alams. The capsule of streetwear basics has been created in association with Iwalewa Haus Museum at the University of Bayreuth in northern Bavaria, where Alams also consults. Its collaborative, research-driven exhibition, FAVT: Future Africa Visions in Time, is on a 10-country tour across Africa and South America, currently wrapping up in Burkina Faso. Facilitated and featuring Alams work, FAVT critically engages with aesthetic and scientific ideas around the continent’s evolving identities, threats and revolutionary potential.

Photography Kent Andreasen

Styling Sarah Hugo-Hamman

Model Luca Williams

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Published on 30/10/2018