Creative collective Baroque
Age presents a barrier-breaking multi-media project

Baroque Age is a new creative collective out of Nigeria. Founders Adedayo Laketu, Bukunmi Akinniyi and Nasir Ahmed are bringing together young artists, musicians, writers, photographers and designers to form collaborative projects that challenge traditional thinking. 

Their mission is a bold one: “We believe creativity powers the world and that innovation is the driving force for every human endeavour. We want to unlock the gates that cage creativity from our side of the globe and we hope to become a platform of dreams. We are giving the people around us a voice to curate anything their hearts’ desire and pioneer the future.” 

This, one of their first united efforts, is entitled Force and comprises abstract images, graphics and text that leave it up to the viewer to decipher meanings and emotions. 

Other endeavours under the Baroque Age umbrella to look out for include the music company Euphonic, fashion house Pith and Read magazine. It’s time to feel their force.

Creative direction Thompson. S. Ekong
Art direction Ose Adeniyi
Model Valentino Emwin
Clothing MAXIVIVE Arodan Assemblage
Styling Daniel Obasi

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