Ahead of our upcoming interview with Xander Ferreira about his new band The True Tones, here’s a newly released gem from his Gazelle project


One fine day in 2012 Gazelle and DJ InviZAble went to meet the Real Action Pantsula in Orange Farm near Johannesburg. The result is this video, directed by Nataal regular Chris Saunders, for the song Speak Up featuring Mo Laudi.

One of South Africa’s most longstanding street cultures, Pantsula expresses the joys and sorrows of everyday life in the townships through unique dance moves. Both Gazelle (otherwise known as Xander Ferreira) and Saunders have collaborated with this crew for several years, this video being one manifestation of their shared talents. And for reasons unknown it went unreleased. Until now. 

Gazelle was Ferreira’s long-term project with DJ InviZAble (aka Nick Matthews) fusing music, art and activism into an Afrofuturist sound they dubbed limpop. Storming stages with their disco grooves and pushing boundaries with outlandish theatrics reimagining a tropical dictatorship, the project caused reverberations worldwide. This track is “a call to youth, a call for mobilisation. South Africa and the world Speak Up.” 

Nataal meets Xander Ferreira in New York to discuss his new band The True Tones next week. Stay tuned.


Words Helen Jennings

Speak Up is out now on Globalisto