Superbalist captures the energy of Accra’s street scene in its new summer campaign

Following on from last season’s Dakar adventures (see here), Superbalist continues its continental wanderings with this summer campaign shot in Accra. “The aim of shooting in different African cities is to shine a light on the diversity of African youth culture,” says style director Tammy Tinker, who headed the creative team with Nataal fave photographer Rudi Geyser and filmmaker Pete Verster-Cohen. “The honest truth is Ghanaian people are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. When briefing the fashion trend of ‘Cuba’, Rudi immediately said that Accra has the most incredibly diverse locations, and a thriving art scene. And he was right!”

The South African fashion e-commerce platform took its sharpest suits, brightest bikinis, sultriest dresses and fruitiest accessories to the Ghanaian capital where the crew cast local models and then headed into the heart of the city for a shoot that exudes colour and authenticity. “For me the inspiration came from all angles,” says Geyser. “The locations had the perfect look and feel and each one had its own unique energy - Jamestown with its winding streets and colourful alleys and Labadi Beach with its incredibly unique carnival atmosphere.”