As GoldLink prepares to step onto
the Afropunk London stage, he shares some tour tales with Nataal

Serious yet horny, braggadocios yet honest, fast yet unforgettable – GoldLink brings a whole heap of contradictions together in his infection music that itself could neither be labelled straight up hip hop nor house but lives in an excitable, soulful space somewhere in between.


Real name D’Anthony Carlos, the young Washington, DC-based rapper first made waves on Soundcloud in 2013. His 2014 mixtape The God Complex turned into a wave that crashed to shore with last year’s debut album After That, We Didn’t Talk, which was blessed by the all-knowing hands of Rick Rubin. GoldLink’s saucy, insatiable flow, bouncy synths and cheeky charm have most recently been heard on the single Fall In Love produced by Kaytranada and Badbabnotgood and now his European tour brings him to the UK for the debut Afropunk London festival. Nataal hitches a ride for a suitably short yet sweet conversation.

What is your definition of ‘Afropunk’?
A conglomerate of like hearted people coming together in the name of rebellion.

What are your plans for your performance and time at Afropunk London?
Have hella fun.

Who and what inspired you to start out in the game?
I wasn’t ever actively trying to pursue music. I was just allowed to create freely without any pressure or outside influences like, ‘Oh, I should be making this’ or ‘I should be collaborating with this person.' I just did whatever I wanted to do in the beginning and I guess it worked out.

How would you describe your genre ‘future bounce’ to the uninitiated?
It's like Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do It on crack.

What has been some of your most amazing moments since stepping into the limelight?
Too many too name. Definitely selling out a historic venue two years in a row in DC even though I've been rapping for three years.

What happens on tour stay on tour?
In Detroit I had a show where I invited like 15 black women to be on the bus and eat chicken with me as we all shared "nigga stories" and listened to shea butter music while I played PS4. I hear a knock on the window to see a woman standing outside with a baby in her arms, so I proceed to go outside and see what she wanted. She tells me her little sister has been waiting outside for like 4-5 hours just wanting to say hi to me and I was more than happy to meet her. She was adorable, probably about 12-13 years old and she was shaking. I mean she was just trembling, we had a great conversation and little did she know, she inspired me to be a better man to women, or at least try to be.

What would you say is your most profound lyric?
Everything I've ever sis don tracks lol but this one in particular:

‘Everybody know the devil walk backwards
So when I fuck a bitch I never hit the bitch backwards
Moonwalk, never show my bitch I gotta back up
Pack up, putting all my sins up in a matte truck’

Big dreams?
Win some type of award for DC and give it away to Ben's Chili Bowl.

Afropunk Fest London is at Alexandra Palace on 24 September