Viviane Sassen goes beyond nature to capture this new photographic series for Dita eyewear


Viviane Sassen has travelled to Morocco and Tanzania to shoot this new abstract photographic series for Dita eyewear. The world-renowned Dutch artist was born in Kenya and often returns to various parts of Africa for both commercial and art projects. This time the luxury optical brand asked her to explore the idea of ‘neo nature’ that inspires Dita’s latest Sasu sunglasses.

"Nature is very inspiring on so many levels. First of all it makes you calm and allows you to think. Vast landscapes trigger your brain to imagine new possibilities. And a forest, with all of its beautiful tiny details, always leave me in awe,” says Sassen, who used sunlight and petal-like filters to introduce her signature touch to each alluring flora image. “Natural beauty is probably not conscious of its own beauty. It just is what it is. It's us, people, who recognise it as beauty; we are the beholder of the eye… I often try to enhance the beauty of nature. It is created by conscious decisions, a human act. Heliotropis clearly shows a thought, a symbol, an abstracted reality."

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Published on 23/07/2018