Chris Saunders takes globe
trotting French shirt brand
Kilometre on a journey trough the outskirts of Johannesburg


Fashion editor Alexandra Senes has always been on the move. Born in Senegal, growing up in New York and currently based in Paris, she is driven to constantly feed her wanderlust for discovering hidden destinations, sounds, music, food and literature. She’s channelled these passions into niche shirt brand Kilometre. Sourcing vintage French linen tunics as well as making new takes on the timeless style from khadi and cotton, she works with artisans in India and Mexico to embroider each one with unique designs inspired by adventurers across six continents. From Niseko, Japan to Big Sur, California and from Kolmanskop, Namibia to Inhotim, Brazil, each hand-stitched scene tells a different tale. 

South African photographer and Nataal favourite Chris Saunders has collaborated with Senes on this exclusive editorial, which takes three Kilometre shirts on their own journey through Johannesburg, from the outskirts of Braamfontein to an old mine dump in Germiston. “The shoot embodies the idea of Johannesburg as a city with many stories to tell,” Saunders says. “It’s filled with elements and people from all over the world and is in a state between complete decay and radical opulence.” Much like the intricately patched and colourfully embellished shirts themselves. Bon voyage.

Photography Chris Saunders
Photographic Aassistant Khotso Tsaagane
Styling Melissa Maxted-Henderson
Stylist’s assistant Tatum Guercio
Make-up Liezl Callaghan
Model Hauwa at Ice Models

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