Cape Town’s new generation of denim heads collaborate with Levi's to reload some of the brand's classic pieces

Levi’s is a brand synonymous with the history of blue jeans. When a young Levi Strauss patented his ‘waist overalls’ using durable denim and copper rivets in 1873, he created a style of workwear that would go on to change fashion forever. Now the easy silhouette of a pair of 501s, once slung on by rugged journeymen and cowboys, is more likely the first choice of artists and skaters, who crop them to cover only the first three eyelets on a Chuck Taylor shoe, or turn them up to reveal vintage red selvedge. Levi’s is indelibly sewn into stories of style and street culture around the globe.

Cape Town-based photographer Luke Maritz and stylist Seraaj Semaar collaborated with Levi's to celebrate their own love of the US heritage brand, and what it means to South Africa’s youth, with this shoot. Working with models Justin February and Nicolas van Graan, the team headed to the city’s rocky shoreline, where natural tones and textures contrasted with the rich colours of Levi’s latest collections. Iconic pieces such as the 501 and the sherpa trucker jacket become a new chapter for the brand written by these dynamic, denim-loving creatives.