Nataal published its debut print edition in 2018. The large format, 340-page magazine is a showcase for diverse storytelling by inspiring artists whose work is shaping global African creativity.


The magazine features a double cover and editorials spanning fashion, music, visual arts, travel and literature. Exclusives include stories with Edun, Young Fathers, Baloji, Petite Noir, Maki Oh, Nakhane, serpentwithfeet, Shingai Shoniwa, 2manysiblings, Super Yaya, Blinky Bill, Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond, Recho and Muthoni Drummer Queen.


Shoots come from Viviane Sassen, Adama Jalloh, Jermaine Francis, Kyle Weeks, Liz Johnson Artur, Kadara Enyeasi, Rudi Geyser, Lorenzo Vitturi, Lakin Ogunbanwo, Ronan Mckenzie, Julia Noni and Kristin-Lee Moolman.


Finally, the back of the book becomes a Gallery section dedicated to our annual exhibition, Nataal: New African Photography at Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn, which this year celebrated on six female artists.




Please note that, due to postal weight restrictions,  the maximum number of copies that can be shipped to the Republic of Ireland in any one order is three and to Canada and Cambodia is one.