Rudi Geyser shoots the South African seaside town where he grew up, now a diverse creative community befitting of his childhood memories

South African photographer and Nataal regular Rudi Geyser shares his latest project with us, a documentation of the beach town of Muizenberg on the outskirts of Cape Town where he grew up. “Muizenberg is probably one of the only truly multicultural spaces in Cape Town due to its geographical location on the fringes of both affluent and poor communities,” Geyser explains. “The town attracts people from various backgrounds, all seeking the simple pleasures the beach brings.”

Beaches in South Africa have remained a contentious subject since Apartheid during which time they were segregated, says Geyser. “To this day some beaches still have that cultural mentality, however things are changing and although Muizenberg was once classified a 'whites only' beach, it now sets the example. The place itself has had many different faces in its long existence, from an upper class Victorian seaside holiday destination to a run down drug den in the late 1990s. In recent years it has become a thriving spot for surfers, skaters and beach goers who all share the space with local creatives and the African immigrant community. Everyone gets along and interacts together, which is a topic that has feels very relevant today. So I shot throughout the fading summer and these images are a mixture of my own nostalgia and an expression of the diverse, vibrant buzz of the place today.”