Exploring the unbridled identities, liminal spaces and bright horizons created by Cape Town’s youth


Sarah Hugo-Hamman top, trousers and shoes, Shushy Hugo-Hamman bracelet, stylist’s own belt


Vintage In The City hat, dress Young and Lazy dress, Sarah Hugo-Hamman trousers, Dr. Martens shoes


Sarah Hugo-Hamman shirt and trousers, stylist’s own sunglasses


Sarah Hugo-Hamman dress, stylist’s own sunglasses


Sarah Hugo-Hamman trousers, stylist’s own bag


Sarah Hugo-Hamman top, shirt and trousers, stylist’s own jacket


Cape Town-based art graduate, stylist, photographer and night time maker of clothes, Sarah Hugo-Hamman, combines her many talents into shoots that express the real issues facing her generation today. “In South Africa right now, there’s no room for anything that doesn’t reflect upon the incredible strength of our youth and the drastic uncertainties we face,” she says. “Power and vulnerability, and this sense of duality existing within people, is what I’m interested in exploring.” With this story, Hugo-Hamman and her team hope to embrace an unknowable future with a sense of liberation and confidence rather than fear. “Our identities are not predetermined by a single trajectory. Instead there is a move toward fluidity and creating spaces that incorporate difference, where growth and sharing of knowledge, as well as knowledge of self, is key. There are no steps laid out before us, rather we hold within us the ability to project the future we want.”

Photography and styling Sarah Hugo-Hamman
Model Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose
Hair & make-up Marchay Linderoth
Film Junaid Rawoot
Song by Jeremy Bishop
Editors Luke Doman and Raees Saiet