Watch Chris Saunders’ video for Oumou Sangaré’s latest song Kamelemba


Oumou Sangaré’s powerful new song, Kamelemba, has been brought to life by South African photographer, filmmaker and Nataal favourite, Chris Saunders. The new video features The Swaggers Dance Crew owning an urban landscape with their confident movements.

“This is a layered visual ode dedicated to redefining afro futurism in a stark European setting; a portrayal of modern beauty, fashion and dance set in a realistic futuristic environment,” explains Saunders. “The video references traditionally masculine performance cultures like the competition of the Congolese Sapeurs, now portrayed by a group of women. Driven by Oumou’s lyrics, the group are robust and independent, a result of generations of mistreatment within a misogynistic reality. A paradigm can be seen in their attitudes and the overall visual style.”

Taken from her current album Mogoya, the legendary Malian singer’s track may at first sound glittering and upbeat but her words go to work to chastise womanisers who make girls fall in love with them with their sweet talk and false promises. Try that on this video’s protagonists at your peril.

Director Chris Saunders
Production Art Bridge Paris and Quad Group
Choreography Carmel Loanga
Dancers Swaggers Dance Crew
Clothing Avoc Paris, Veja, Centre Commercial, Marie Mercie Paris/Jay Remier
Record Label Nø Format

Published on 14/06/2017