Don Brodie captures his personal paradise in this love letter to Jamaica


A Spicy dry rub.
A bait pon di dance floor.
Land wood and wata.

First generation “Jamerican” Don Brodie is based in Brooklyn but it’s his roots in Jamaica that fuels his photographic practice. For the past two years he’s been making a documentary TV series with his brother, filmmaker Ron Brodie, that follows the adventures of taxi drivers all over this mighty Caribbean island. And for much longer than that, he’s been capturing images that reflect every day moments of Jamaica’s vivid culture, from the sound systems, to the fruit markets, to the beaches, and beyond. “Having always had a second home here, these photographs serve as love letters back to an island and the people who helped raise me,” Brodie says. “Jamaica is where I found my true meaning of beauty, respect, and love.”

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Published on 15/08/2019