Bilall Jeetun, 31 

Mosque Road, Cape Malheureux


Simad Kallo,  47 

Royal Road, Goodlands


Omdith Sankar, 52 

Royal Road, Poudre d’Or


Farook Jeetoo, 50 

Shivala Road, Quartier Militaire


Jean Luc Telsid,  56 

Royal Road, Roche Terre


Monsoor Mirjam,  55 

Royal Road, Triolet


South African photographer Antonia Steyn hails a ride with the last remaining Taxi Marron Toyota Crowns of Mauritius. These early models, with their bench seats, original eagle emblems and pimped out designs, remain favourites among drivers and locals alike

Photography Antonia Steyn
Retouching Zak Basson

Published on 23/02/2018