A celebration of Senegal’s infinite colours and beauty by photographer Olga de la Iglesia


The work of Barcelona-based fashion photographer and art director Olga de la Iglesia is always a study on colour. So her artist’s residency in Senegal earlier this year became a seminal experience driven by the exaltation of colour and intense beauty she found there. “Life is constantly being formed by colours and this wonderful thought makes me realise we often obviate their true meaning. We need them way more than we think. They’re a direct instrument that guide us into our emotions, without passing through our conscious mind,” she says. “So when I went to Senegal, I had a strong reaction when I started seeing so many colours, which prompted me to ask many questions. It was very difficult to shoot as a white woman, and I felt censorship at times. But at the end, everyone I met showed me the value of their culture. It changed my way of photographing people forever and the trip became very important for me as a person and a photographer.”

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Published on 20/05/2017