Maciek Pozoga and Christopher Kirkley create a Bamako dreamscape through photography, music and their Afrofuturist imaginings

Last summer photographer Maciek Pozoga journeyed to Bamako with musicologist Christopher Kirkley to document the Malian capital in an alternate universe. Through interactions with local artists, griots and filmmakers, they forged a fictional future and past for the city via image and sound. Entitled Uchronia: The Unequivocal Interpretation of Reality, the project was recently published as a book edited by Pierre Hourquet and exhibited in Paris. Pozoga’s photography accompanies works by 3D artist Cheick Ahmadou Ouattara and N’ko calligraphy by Daemion Lee as well as Kirkley’s field recordings, also released on his label Sahel Sounds.

Pozoga won the 2014 Lauréat Photographie Documentaire de la Fondation Jean-Luc Lagardère and has shot for i-D, Vice, Kenzo and Nike. This was his first trip to sub Saharan Africa and as such he wanted to capture a sense of surface disorientation through the lens of folklore and science fiction thereby creating a space where it’s the Azawad rebels and imperialist hangover that are unreal.

Photography Maciek Pozoga
Words Helen Jennings