An upcoming book journeys
through the style, textures
and landscapes of Kenya

Uzuri-Ubichi is an ongoing project by Paris-based creatives Agathe Zaerpour and Philippine Chaumont that hopes to create a rich, multi-dimensional snapshot of Kenya’s fashion, people and geography. The pair started the series while studying at Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne in Switzerland in 2014. They visited Nairobi, Naivasha and Mombasa where they worked with fashion designers and recorded their travels. The body of work was exhibited at Winterthur Fotomuseum last year and they will return to Kenya this July to develop the series into a book for Kodoji Press.

Chaumont, who was born and grew up in Burkina Fasso, explains: “As graphic designers, we process any kind of matter. Here we are using cameras, films, letters, shapes, frames and text. The book compiles photographic collaborations with Kenyan designers with documentary folders. From this duality results a project that oscillates between fashion and report, beauty and rawness, in Swahili - Uzuri, Ubichi.”

Photography Agathe Zaerpour and Philippine Chaumont