Exclusive: This beautiful photographic story celebrates Accra’s creative scene


This special personal project is a collaboration between London-based photographer Alexander Beer and Ghanaian creative director, stylist and a model Kweku Yeboah. On his recent trip to Accra, Beer’s aim was to create a cinematic portrait series celebrating the city’s cultural scene and in Yeboah he found his perfect partner.

“Being a creative here is fun but also challenging because you are questioning conventional wisdoms. This means you need to be confident,” says Yeboah. “Ghana will excel as a country only if we start thinking differently and if the government starts focusing on the arts industries. Our young creative minds have so much to offer so we need to realise the good deeds and magic we hold. All I claim to be is passionately curious. So just walk a mile in my shoes.”

Alexander Beer is represented as an artist by The Foundation Gallery on Artsy

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Published on 15/08/2019