Four sets of siblings create a space of expression through the latest collection by organic luxury line, ODE

Budding South African designer Rebecca Odendaal is the talent behind ODE, a luxury resort line using organic, local textiles to create a clean, sensual aesthetic. She’s garnered early attention from Cosmopolitan SA and Lucy magazines, clients including Amanda Du Pont and accolades such as a Foschini Design Award in 2016. Her latest earthy-hued, richly textured collection features in this exclusive shoot directed and styled by Buck Whaley, whose work focuses on the intersection between gender and fashion. For it, he selected four sets of siblings from Cape Town and Johannesburg, including his brother and himself, to express their personal relationships through the clothing. “While shooting, which began as a work-oriented project, we developed into a space where each pair of siblings were able to bond with the other to create a vibrant, love-filled atmosphere,” Whaley says. “The distinctive intimacy on the day is evident in the affection and tenderness displayed in the shots.”


Creative direction and styling Buck Whaley
Photography Sisanda Mgedezi
All clothing by ODE
Models Buck and Louis Whaley,
Lebo and Resego Gaetsaloe,
Andile and Anele Matomela,
Michelle and Samantha Perkins



Published on 25/03/2017