Moroccan brands bougroug and Lateforwork provide the uniform for this joyful fashion story


This shoot tells a serendipitous story of modern Morocco. London-based artists Keziah Quarcoo and Sheena Brobbey headed to Marrakech to collaborate with designers Anwar Bougroug of bougroug and Yousef Drissi of Lateforwork. The team found their muses on Instagram and on the street and then simply let the magic happen. “The whole project was just very joyful. It was about focussing on what we have in common as creatives with African roots based all over the globe,” explains Norway-born Bougroug, who brings Scandinavian influences to his Moroccan-made, gender-neutral brand and who has found a like-mind in Drissi. “Our values are based on tolerance, open-mindedness and diversity, and we react against the folklorisation of African designers.”

Through these images, shot on a beautiful day in a botanical garden, they all unite in their desire to create a portrait of Moroccan youth that builds proudly on the kingdom’s rich, cross cultural history and traditions yet breaks away from colonial references. “Morocco is now shaping a new narrative and identity. We hope to celebrate the up-and-coming generation who are thriving within a contradicting society."

Photography Keziah Quarcoo
Art direction and polaroids Sheena Brobbey
Styling Anwar Bougroug
Styling assistance Youssef Drissi
Models Salima, Hiba
Fashion Bougroug, Lateforwork

Published on 03/07/2019