Brooklyn-based accessories designer Sade Mims debuts her fashion film with Nataal


“Nothing makes sense until someone wears it,” says Sade Mims, founder of accessories label Edas. The young designer and visual artist creates jewellery and bags that are defined by the women who they adorn rather than the other way around. As the Style Story section of the Edas website attests, she’s as much into the community of fine females who express themselves through her statement, handcrafted pieces, as she is in her own creative processes. And with her latest collection, Their, she shares another story – a fashion film debuted here on Nataal.

Mims spent some parts of her childhood in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania and moved to New York to study marketing at The Art Institute, during which she started making “sustainable pieces from refurbished materials” in 2013. Now based in Brooklyn, and stocked in Japan, South Korea, UK and US, she’s found her niche for vintage-inspired, modern pieces with fluid lines.

For Their, she journeyed back to her hometown to shoot this hazy VHS film and tender campaign shoot at the historic Lansdowne Theatre to express ideas around travel, belonging and her connection to Africa. “I personally feel that Africa is home, even though I haven’t reached the continent yet. I am a product of the diaspora so with this body of work, I am trying to speak to that sense of interaction and association,” she explains.

Mini belt and handbags in warm shades of terracotta, chartreuse, onyx and rose feature wooden beaded or brass handles while chokers, bracelets and rings centre on organic, freeform shapes. And when modelled close to the body, among wild nature and dilapidated structures, they take on the Edas ethos of purpose and substance.

Film Ashley Jordan
Creative direction Sade Mims
Photography Avion Pearce
Styling Mecca James-Williams
Model Liz Elizabeth
Photography assistance Jaleese Whitehurst
Styling assistance Kandace Banks
Make-up Chelsea Danielle
Hair Mick Smith
Music Christian Rich – Face ft Denitia and Sene

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Published on 08/11/2018