Exploring the meaning of family love and unity among the African community in Hamburg


Gbati, Ikpindi, Kevin and Godwin

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Ikpindi: “My family is my life and will always come first. I'm happy when they are happy. I appreciate every moment that I am allowed to experience with them and the most beautiful moments are when my children call me Mama.”

Gbati Kossi wears own bubu. Ikpindi wears American Vintage dress. Kevin and Godwin wear Vlisco shirts and trousers, Nike shoes.


Randal and AJ


AJ: “For me family gives you values based on love, strength and knowledge. You do not feel loneliness because you know that you are there for each other. Family is not always blood and can also be a circle of people who love you. Families are not always perfect, either. We argue. But we also inspire and motivate each other to achieve our goals.”

Randal wears Yohji Yamamoto blazer, Issey Miyake Men shirt, Cos trousers, own boots.
AJ wears Alexander Wang top, Nike shoes.


Faith and Diana


Faith: “Family is the closest person who can offer unconditional love, the most unbreakable relationship, the most secure home. I learn a lot from my family members. My sister has the strongest will I have ever come across. She is so confident and bold that teaches me to fight for myself whenever I feel like giving up.”

Faith and Diana wear William Fan tops and stylist’s own earrings.

Raquel & Marcos


Raquel: “My family is my backbone and I can't imagine life without them. What I value most about them is the fact that we are very united - even if we have our differences, when one of us is in need, we come together. When I decided to pursue my dream as a model, the whole family came together to support me so that I could travel.”

Raquel wears Pleats Please Issey Miyake dress and top. Marcos wears Suitsupply suit.


Christa and Maliyah


Christa: “Family is my safe place. We hold and unfold together. I can count on my family in every situation. They will never let me down. Every hour I learn something new with my daughter. Her birth was indescribable. My baby had a heart defect and the doctors could not assess the situation until she was born. In the end she cried loudly and everyone knew who she was. Perfect.”

Christa wears William Fan top and trousers, stylist’s own ring. Maliya wears Burberry dress.


Photography Oğuz Kaya
Casting, styling and creative direction Chantal Sackey
Assistance Eda Cakirci

Raquel Pinto at Modelwerk
Marcos Acheampong at Talents Hamburg
Christa Petersen
Faith Mhlanga
Diana Mhlanga
Alex Junior

Published on 06/06/2019