“Preparing for a presentation at the Batata Music & Dance School in Palenque.”


Your hair, who did this for you?  Your mum? Excellent technique, and it’s so long, muy linda, muy linda.” 


“Further south in Colombia a desert exists that used to be a rainforest.  It’s gradually corroded leaving magnificent orange peaks. It’s smaller than you'd expect when you look from above but huge and enveloping when you’re inside.”


Ok, here you go, taste this.” “What is it?” “Taste it.” “Oh my god.  This drink has literally just changed my life.”


Dress Chloe; socks and shoes model's own


Girl before the dance performance at the Batata Music & Dance School”


Two girls on their way home from school before a minor ruckus broke out over a boy. They weren't involved.”


Cape Pleats Please Issey Miyake; skirt Stella McCartney; scarf stylist’s own; playsuit and crocs models own

“I want to wear this one! Let me try it! Can someone help me with my hair please? Quickly!  Ooo what’s this?  Gimme! It looks good together. Ok I’m ready. Show me the screen... More, more!”


Dress Maje; mary-janes Celine; sarong Pleats Please Issey Miyake

“The whole village is trying to convince this woman to have her picture taken, telling us how shy she can be. Finally a little girl takes her hand they pose together.”


Blazer Marques'Almeida; shorts model's own


Dress DvF; trainers stylist's own

“It's hot and the house we're staying in is missing an entire wall that leads to the back garden, but we have delicious fruit and so much sun.”


Stylist Sabrina Henry and photographer Hana Knizova delved into remotest Colombia with a suitcase full of bright summer fashions. They were welcomed by a community exuding more radiance than the sun above. Here’s their story...

“After six days in the desert heat and five days by the sea, we made it to Palenque.  This Afro-Colombian village is an hour outside of Cartagena, Colombia's main coastal city. San Basilio de Palenque is a maroon community founded, or 'made official', in 1691 by slaves who escaped to what was then the jungle. This is a community like no other. It has maintained an original language, Palenquero, as well as its own rules, customs and music for over 300 years, in large part due to how isolated it was and still is.


Making the long journey is well worth it because when we arrive, the heat is hotter, the colours brighter, the people calmer, kinder, easier. When we start taking pictures, all the girls turn out and giggle shyly, including a six year old who was unknowingly a huge fan of Stella McCartney. Danilo, the unofficial tour guide for Palenque, who is deeply entrenched in its cultural history, told us that they all know how to pose, how to look cool, how to stand. When I asked what he meant, he replied, ‘The internet, hip hop - we're connected to everything.’”


Photography Hana Knizova

Styling and production Sabrina Henry