This fashion film follows a gang of star-crossed bandits as they find happy-ever-after wearing Blünke


Nataal debuts this romantic fashion film from Cape Town by director Maxime Thaysen, stylist Gavin Mikey Collins and designer Blünke. Lonely Cowboy follows a forlorn Romeo who roams the night in search of love and finds it in the arms of Romie. Once hitched, they gather up their ride-or-die companions - cow-boys, cow-girls and cow-thems one and all – and head off into the wild wearing fantastical, frothy creations by Blünke. “My brand is about the idea that lonely people can find solace and happiness in this clothing. If you look fabulous on the outside, then hopefully you’ll start feeling fabulous on the inside,” Blünke says. “It’s like a whisky in a saloon. With every sip, you’ll start to notice that there are more cowboys just like you.”

the wild horses.jpg

Direction Maxime Thaysen
Styling Gavin Mikey Collins
Clothing Blünke

Cast Kabelo Kanye, Matte Jacobs, Tazmé Pillay, Lianca Heemro, Jade Pretorius, Jeremy Pelser, Wesley JvR, Tessa Cloete, Githan Coopoo, Francois Jonker

Cinematography Nicol Dippenaar
Lighting Casper Erasmus
Hair and make-up Kally Boyiatjes, Aaleya Dindar, Sarah Gehrmann
Online editing Kyle Stroebel at Refinery
Sound Pieter Matthyser, Natalie Rose Perel
Ghetto Disko written & performed by Bye Benco
Film stills Alex Paterimos
Headgear Crystal Birch
Jewellery Mo Collective
Special thanks to WE ARE_ and Hero Creative Management

Published on 25/03/2019