The roots of black British style, culture and identity collide in this visual presentation by London-based studio TSAU


This shoot by design studio TSAU aka London-based creatives Bevan Agyemang and Khalid Wildman stems from their shared conversations and ideas around style, culture and identity. Serge (named after the Guinean model featured in the project) explores the relationship between self-authorship, African representation and the European gaze upon the African continent. The team aim to emphasise the importance of how images, both past and present, are consumed and valued within the context of their own experiences as black youths growing up in London.

Agyemang often uses self-portraiture to explore influences as far reaching as his parents’ journey from Ghana to the UK and Africa’s canon of post Independence photographers. His other platforms include Nomadic Tribe and he also featured in the hugely well-received Return Of The Rudeboys exhibition and book by Dean Chalkey and Harris Elliott. Wildman works with image and text to connect to culture and brands. His Jamaican parents’ style fuel his image making. Together as TSAU they write this new and opulent narrative.

Art direction, styling, and photography TSAU
Model Serge
Clothing TSAU and By Walid